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Inspiration Republic consists of a dynamic team that will be sure to engage your youth/students in an authentic and thought-provoking way. Joel & Germaine don't only give an engaging presentation but will challenge your students to think critically about their lives. Your students and youth will absolutely gain from this presentation! 

Ed-Esther Kenga 

Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto 

Teacher, Branksome Hall

Inspiration republic inspires students again and again with every story, media piece, and message in their presentation. Through using relevant and relatable material, Inspiration Republic teaches students they have purpose and empowers them to be the change in their family, school, community, and country.  

Kyle Gulab

Teacher, York District School Board

The presentation was inspirational and increasingly relevant for students. Both speakers spoke from real life personal experiences and were able to share how challenges were faced and overcome so that they could grow and be successful from the experience.

John Travaglini

Vice Principal, Toronto District School Board

Inspiration Republic brought amazing stories and truths to the power and strength in diversity. Our students were given opportunities to build strategies in how to overcome bullying and become empowered to understand who they are as a person in their uniqueness. Inspiration Republic were really amazing in empowering our students to see the power of who they are as individuals and then be able to support each other as a community.”

Janine Franklin

Vice Principal, York Region District School Board

I recommend the Inspiration Republic to any school who would like to encourage their students to thrive. Our students were inspired by Joel’s authentic message.

Nathalie Belanger

Special Education Technician, Central Quebec School Board

Inspiration Republic is an excellent educational company with enthusiastic facilitators who will empower your group to reach their destiny. They are full of charisma, passion, and their approach in teaching is inspiring. Their determination to break the stigma of mental health, bullying and relational barriers gives us all hope for a brighter future!

Judith Meikle

Vice-Principal, Toronto District School Board

Both Germaine and Joel demonstrate an amazing synergistic partnership where love, acceptance and fun are their obvious foundation! Watching Joel work with some of my grade 7 and 8 students was enlightening as he quickly established trust and the students were ready to listen and even more impressive, were willing to share!

Samina Malik

Teacher, Durham District School Board

Inspiration Republic was funny, approachable, and sincere in their talk, engaging the audience on a personal level which made it refreshing, relatable and current! I would recommend them to all.

Melanie Oniell

Committee Representative, Durham Catholic School Board

Inspiration Republic’s presentations were very helpful and inspirational. We had them in to speak to our whole student body and then again for a parent and teacher presentation.  They have an ability to relate to and reach both demographics effectively and I would fully recommend them for your next student assembly or parent workshop.

Juliet Sesanker-Daniel

Principal, Toronto District School Board

Joel and Germaine are prime examples of true hands-on leaders that really strive to make a difference in our community.

Matthew “Boi1da” Samuels

Grammy Award Winning Producer

The idea that Black History is about You, Me, and Us is a powerful one. Highlights the importance of all students’ active participation in Black History Month.

Tammy Fludder

Teacher (High School), Toronto District School Board

Mother Theresa said, ‘I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.’ Inspiration Republic is also writing a love letter to the world.  They are an inspirational force for peace and loving relationships in our world.

Tony Whelan

Chaplain, Peel Catholic District School Board

Inspiration Republic is a great organization that will both educate and inspire! Germaine Ransome and Joel Witton are dynamic, passionate and very gifted communicators. They connect well with a diverse group of people, particularly with youth. I am confident that they will add value to your school or organization and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Brendan Witton

Lead Pastor, Toronto City Church


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