Anti-Black Racism
“PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW” – An Anti-Black Racism Presentation

We at Inspiration Republic condemn all forms of racism and hatred. To combat these issues, we have created  "People You May Know", an anti-black racism talk that promotes inclusion, racial equality, and allyship. This powerful virtual presentation highlights the origins of African Canadians and helps bring attention to the systemic racism that exists within Canada's history, and the negative impact it still has on Black peoples today.

Through this presentations students of all backgrounds will be equipped with the understanding of allyship and what it means to be an anti-racist. Germaine & Joel keep students engaged with the use of media, personal experiences, interactive games, and inspiring stories.

Each student will leave encouraged to be more considerate of those around them and to take a stand against racism in all it forms. They will be inspired to no longer see people through the lense of stereotypes, but rather to see them as People You May Know.

“Students were engaged from start to finish and staff stated this was a very powerful informative afternoon for all.”

Isilda Attridge, Principal

Toronto Catholic District School Board


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