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Black History Month (Now Virtual)

This powerful virtual presentation takes a look at Historical African Canadian figures who have made substantial contributions in the Black community and Canadian Culture: Josiah Henson, Mary Ann Shadd, and Hugh Burnett. Germaine speaks on the challenges he faced growing up as a young black youth in an under-serviced community, and the strategies he used to overcome those obstacles. He and Joel engage students through the use of media, real life stories, and an interactive game show, inspiring them to see the history of Canada beyond the colour barrier. This presentation helps make the connection for students of all ages and from all backgrounds, that Black History is Canadian history…their history…a history to be celebrated by YOU, ME, US.

“YOU, ME, US” – A Virtual Black History Month presentation

 I would recommend Inspiration Republic to schools all over the province to build knowledge about Black History."

Darlene Jones,  Vice Principal

Toronto District School Board

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